WWW2: Are you visiting the right web address?

We normally don’t notice the web addresses we are visiting and that goes to the benefit of hackers and other cybercriminals who target inattentive people for their hacking attempts. Normally, the malicious web domains can be identified by weird web addresses. But are all of them equally malicious? Let’s search for it.

Www explained:

Www is used to identify a website that belongs to the web. They can also be used to identify user-controlled servers around the internet. Along with www, you need to use other prefixes (mail, or FTP) as well to visit a dedicated website service.

Www2 explained:

It is not possible to name subsections of a website server exactly like the original website’s address. That is why web admins use numbers in their original web address to denote a subsection website server. For example, if you’re running a website with web address “www.privatewebsystems.com” than the sub-sections may be denoted as “www2.privatewebsystems.com” or www3.privatewebsystems.com” This does not mean the other two addresses are malicious but rather used as load balancing.

What load balancing means is that if the website is getting more than usual traffic which may result in crashes and slow boot loading times, the admin will divide the traffic among the servers by sending some of the traffic to other servers.

Should you be concerned about it?

Not as such. As we have discussed that the websites do it to share or evenly distribute their unusual traffic, it doesn’t mean that you are being redirected to a malicious server. However, if you experience that the rest of the address looks suspicious and opposite to the original website address, then you should be suspicious and leave that website. But if the web address seems original with just the addition of a number, you are mostly safe.

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