Learn how to send an email anonymously in this article
Learn how to send an email anonymously in this article

If you’re a journalist, activist or anyone who often (or occasionally) needs to send sensitive information to someone else (without compromising or showing your identity) you’ll understand the importance of an anonymous email. Dropping off tips (carrying sensitive information) is now easier than ever due to the presence of interconnected internet. However, many times, you may need to be anonymous to protect yourself from the after vendetta or vengeance. Here’s how you can anonymously send emails and protect your identity from being exposed.

You can create an alternate version of yourself (fake account)

You can’t use your original email account to send an anonymous email. While there are some ways to do that too, but that’s not precise and can end up leading back to you & exposing your identity. Instead, you’ll need to make a new account. You can use Google, Yahoo or any other email provider service to create a new email account.

Don’t give original credentials

What you need to do next is to fake your credentials. These emails always track or expose you when you’ve given your original credentials. But in this new account, you’ll need to give a fake name, dob and ouse address. Also, if they prompt you to give your original phone number for verification, try to get around it or if that’s not possible, try some other email provider service. Sharing your phone number with the account can lead back to you pretty easily.

Use a VPN to ensure ultimate safety

But there’s a catch here. What if the email provider like Google or Yahoo is tracking your IP address? It can expose your identity pretty easily right? Well, no. Not when you’re using a VPN to mask your identity. Use a VPN like Safenet to mask your IP address.

You can use a burner email

If you aren’t familiar with burner emails, these are emails that self-destruct themselves after a specific period. These emails don’t reveal your identity so you are safe with them.

Let’s say, you just need a “send-only” account so you can send emails without actually linking or creating an account. Or maybe you just need a “receive-only” account You can use services like “Anonymouse mail” or “TrashMail” to achieve that. Your temporary account will automatically e suspended or deleted after a certain period.

As some of these services are free, I’ll recommend that you use a strong VPN before accessing these services. Or better yet, access these services through TOR Browser.

You can use encrypted emails

Some email service providers also offer encrypted emails. In this service, your emails are encrypted with a military-grade encryption key so that no one can decrypt it but the receiver. These encryption emails also self-destruct themselves after a certain time.

You can always use a VPN

Whether you choose to create a new account on a regular email service or use another temporary account or encrypted email service, you should always use a reliable VPN to mask your IP address and thus, save your identity and personal data. At Private Web Systems, we are all about cybersecurity.

Our cybersecurity tools “Tor Browser Private Web + VPN” & “Safenet VPN” are quickly becoming popular among cybersecurity enthusiasts due to how effective our data safety is.

But even if you want to rely on some other VPN service, we recommend you study the provider thoroughly and ensure that it is authentic and does what it says or claims.