Good or bad question

Adding a security question to your multiple accounts (Facebook, Gmail, e.t.c) can prove to be a lifesaver when there is an attempt to hack your account. These questions provide an extra layer of protection to your cybersecurity. However, when choosing which security question to answer, you should make sure to select the right ones. Saving answers for some security questions can prove to be much easier to hack than they seem so.

What is a good security question?

Just like your passwords (how they should be) your security questions and answers to them should not be selected at random. For example, if you were born in Queens, but you wrote Tornot becuase you went on vacation there when you were a child, it won’t make sense after a while becuase you might forget the answer. A good security question should be memorable, consistent, unique and unpredictable. Questions like “what is your surname” can be an easy catch for hackers or anyone else trying to break into your account.

What are some good questions?

Here are some questions that can prove to be a tough catch for anyone trying to guess it.

  • In what city did you meet your significant other?

This is a personal question that is consistent as well. However, you should keep in mind that if you are active on social media, the answer to this security question can be guessed.

  • What is the middle name of your youngest child?

It can prove to be a great question. Mostly, people don’t share much information about their kids online. Therefore, the answer to this question can be difficult to guess. 

  • What was the name of your first stuffed animal?

Definitely one of the most secure questions put there. This question is not only unique, memorable but also unpredictable.

  • In what city did your parents first meet?

The answer to this question can be highly unpredictable. Also, it will be memorable so you’ll remember it even if you are logging in after a long while.

What are some bad questions?

Here are some questions that can be easily guessed or by little research.

  • In what city was your first job?

Due to the advent of career platforms like Linkedin, the answer to this question can be easily found.

  • What is your favorite movie?

Few people have a hardcore favorite movie which they can always remember. FOr many of us, our likes change. That is why the answer to this question may confuse you especially if you are logging in after a while.

  • What school did you attend?

Again, the answer to this question can be easily found. 

  • What was your favorite sport in high school?

This is also a weak question as the answer to this can be easily guessed by browsing through your social media pages. 

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