Mobile security tips help you protect and fight against the hackers, scammers and cyber-criminals.

Smartphones have redefined globalization, productivity, and entertainment. Whether you are 16 or 66, you need to have a smartphone if you want to keep up with the fast pace of the digital world. However, while smartphones do offer us convenience, they are also one of the most common and easiest ways to hack, track and steal our personal data. In the following article, we will discuss some of the best mobile security tips for you to protect your mobile data and keep the hackers at bay.

Mobile Security Tip no 1: Always set a passcode

This is a no-brainer, right? Your personal devices contain so much information about you. Almost 70-80% of this data is sensitive and could put your reputation and finances at stake. Setting a passcode on your devices can protect it against hackers or anyone else interested in your data. If possible, you should always double the security by using face i.d and/or pattern formation.

Mobile Security Tip no 2: Always encrypt your internet data

Whenever you connect to a public Wifi or mobile hotspot, you are on the verge of getting your data hacked. How do the hackers do that? You see, public networks are open for everyone–and so is the flow of internet. If you are sharing the network with a hacker, he/she is able to monitor whatever you are doing on the internet. That is why it is mandatory to encrypt your internet data traffic by using an authentic VPN.

Mobile Security Tip no 3: Take some time out to check your apps permissions

Recently, Google and Apple have been vigilant about the apps that were misusing their users’ data. While a large number of these apps have been banned or barred from the stores, there are still plenty of apps out there that can record and misuse your data. That is why you should always take a look at the permissions and access an app wants to have on your phone. 

Mobile Security Tip no 4: Always keep your security tools updated

Whether you are using an iPhone, an IPad or a Mac, it is necessary that you keep your devices and the security software tools fully updated. There’s a valid reason for that. You see, the security software providers understand that hackers are always looking for ways to breach your security. That is why they keep rolling out new updates to ensure user security. 

Mobile Security Tip no 5: Try not to jailbreak your device

When you jailbreak your iPhone, some o the most reliable mobile security features are gone with the original firmware. This makes it easier for the hacker to hack your devices. Also, when your devices are jail-broken and you install apps from 3rd party sources, you never know which app might want to know more about you, that is, to get into depths of your devices and steal your data. So, always download authentic and reliable apps.