Is Tik Tok Really Safe?
Tik Tok may get banned in USA

When I first heard about Tik Tok, it was just launched and people were still getting used to the idea of voice over apps. I knew Tik Tok was going to become a phenomenon but it has really surpassed mine and everybody’s expectations when it was recently downloaded over 2 billion times.

Tik Tok: A Fun app?

While it seems an innocuous, fun app on the surface, there have been reports of many sinister activities undergoing within the app. People have been worried that the app was storing too much data from them. Just recently, India has put a nation-wide ban on the app. In fact, India has banned 59 Chinese apps altogether and some of them are really famous worldwide such as the infamous game “PUBG”

Even in the USA, Tik Tok is prohibited for employees due to the level of access it has over your phone. It is accused of exfiltrating the data from users’ devices to servers operated in China.

Users’ data & permissions

Just recently, a cybersecurity firm reported few loopholes in the app that were letting hackers exploit the app to access users’ information and store it only to misuse it. While Tik Tok has claimed to have fixed all these issues, there are still concerns about it.

Other than this, Tik Tok has also said to be accessing the clipboard on iOS devices. This enabled the device to access the recently copied items such as passwords, account numbers, and other sensitive information from the users. If you use copy-paste on your iPhone every day, you can imagine how disastrous it can be for your privacy if someone gets their hands over the clipboard. 

Why is the USA extra careful?

Due to the app’s connection with China, not only the USA Government but also the citizens are much concerned about the app’s take on privacy. Whether for political or personal reasons, Tik Tok is not trusted in the USA. The employees are told to not use the app on their work-related devices so as to protect the data.

The United States and India, for now, are the two main regions to have blocked or at least partially banned the use of the app. Their concerns aren’t all for nothing. has beThe app has been caught multiple times storing the users’ data against their consent or without mentioning it anywhere. It has also said to favor China over anything else by removing videos that were against Chinese values.

Tik Tok vs Google

While it is easy for us to blame, accuse and disregard an app just because it has connections to China, I would like to remind you that Tik Tok can possibly gather as much data about you as Google, Yahoo and Facebook. None of these are linked to China, and yet these internet giants have been stacking up your data for so long. From the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep, most of the things you do online in between are being stored by these giants.


We can’t be satisfied after deleting Tik Tok because we know there are many other apps on our devices doing the same thing. They are just not big enough right now for us to consider them a threat. But soon, there will come another app that will repeat the same cycle. For now, it is upon you to either delete Tik Tok or keep living with it knowing all the facts about it.