Is Google Drive really secure?

Google Drive has become a necessity for millions. It has made life easy and, work easier for a lot of companies. It offers you lots of space for a very affordable price. You can conveniently store your files, organize them neatly and access them remotely whenever you want. However, while we put so much faith into Google Drive, let us explore if it is really safe for us to store such sensitive information in it.

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What is Bait & Switch Scam?

We all turn to the internet nowadays whenever we want to buy a new product. It can be to research about the product, learn about its functionality or to see the pricing. What if you want a new iPhone and search on Google for it and suddenly a notification pops-up showing you a crazy good deal about a cheap iPhone.

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The Pros & Cons of Image Recognition

Image recognition has quickly become everyone’s favorite technology lately. From technological companies to whole Governments, image recognition has become one of the most common ways to ensure safety and security. However, just like the case is with other technologies, image recognition is also vulnerable to cyber-attacks and can threaten your personal reputation and assets if misused by hackers or even agencies.

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