What is a VPN Tunnel & how does it protect your internet connection?

VPN or Virtual Private Network tools are one such addition to the cybersecurity industry. They have quickly gained popularity due to their ability to bypass Government censorships and unblock geo-specified websites. They also ensure optimum privacy and protects user identity and data. Tor browser private web + vpn helps you fight against cyber-criminals.

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Here’s how to protect yourself against riskware by recognizing it

Riskware is a portmanteau of risk and software. It is implemented by making modifications to legitimate software tools that are designed by reputed companies and misused by hackers. The presence of a riskware in your device can end up damaging your device in the most unexpected and horrifying manner. Your device may slow down, heat up too often, or even shut down completely. It is also used to make unwanted modifications in your device.

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Are you sure you’re visiting the right website? [cybersecurity what is it]

What if I tell you that the websites you are visiting are not the original websites? That these websites are a look-alike of your beloved websites and if not being careful, they can steal your data and send it directly to hackers? Yes, it is true. This trick is known as Pharming. Many people fell into this trap and end up losing their most sensitive personal & private information. Let’s discover more about it in today’s “cybersecurity what is it” blog.

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