Is Google Drive really secure?

Google Drive has become a necessity for millions. It has made life easy and, work easier for a lot of companies. It offers you lots of space for a very affordable price. You can conveniently store your files, organize them neatly, and access them remotely whenever you want. However, while we put so much faith into Google Drive, let us explore if it is really safe for us to store such sensitive information in it.

How secure is Google Drive?

Basically, Google has used 26-bit encryption for the files while uploading or downloading, and 128-bit encryption when the files lay at rest in the folder. Along with it, Google also encrypts the keys with an additional layer of protection so that it is really difficult for anyone to breach through it.

But can we really trust it?

So far, Google has allegedly been recording and transferring data to third-party sources and using it for ad targeting purposes. So, we can’t really trust Google on it. It should also be noted here that Google has had many breaches in the past and due to its enormous database, it will forever be a hot cake among the hackers. Even Google employees are able to access your files in Google Drive without you knowing it.

How do you ensure Google Drive security?

Firstly, you should start by choosing and having strong passwords for your Google accounts. Your Google Drive is accessible if someone knows about your Google account, so you may well be using a strong password and two-way authorization. Another aspect of securing your most important information on Google Drive is to not store it at all. 

You can use other cloud-based services or tools for that purpose. Also, never give access to your Google Drive carelessly. Never share it with anyone who is not careful enough. Along with that, you should always use a VPN to encrypt your data traffic so that no one is able to snoop in on your data or steal it.

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