cybersecurity what is it explained and how tor browser private web + vpn can save you
Tor + VPN is one of the best cybersecurity apps out there

Today’s world is more interested in hybrids rather than individual qualities. Whether it is food, cars or mobile technology, we all want to have one product offering the value of two. That’s why hybrid cars have become the rage. That’s why IPad became popular (combined mobile and computers) and that is why individual apps offering the benefits of two are valued more than the apps that offer just one benefit. Let’s learn more about it in today’s “cybersecurity what is it” featured article.

What does it deliver? [cybersecurity explained]

The same is the case when it comes to Private Web System’s latest app which has been gaining popularity all around the world. The app “Tor Browser Private Web + VPN” delivers much more value than just one app. It combines the benefits of TOR Browser with a VPN and gives the user added and advanced cybersecurity. However, it should be kept in mind that Tor Browser Private Web + VPN is currently available for iPhone & IPads and not for Android or web.

But well, when an everyday iPhone or IPad user downloads the app, he or she is in for a treat; that’s for sure.

For those who use it and for those who will use it after reading this article, we have compiled the top 4 reasons/benefits of using Tor Browser Private Web + VPN in your everyday life. Let’s start with reason no 1.

1-      You’ll be safe from the prying eyes of your ISPs

In today’s cyber world, you can’t trust anything 100%. After recent incidents, it is proven that internet users can’t even trust their own ISP (Internet Service Providers) ISPs are responsible for providing you with the internet and ensuring that it is always maintained. They do so by assigning you an IP address which works as your identity online. This identity helps them to locate you, monitor, what you’re browsing online and recording your activities. Let’s explore it some more in today’s “cybersecurity what is it” article.

Even if we don’t consider the fact for a moment that this is a violation of human rights, keeping your data in their servers can be absolutely dangerous because when a hacker breaches into their servers, your data will be exposed along with millions of other users. In the recent turn of events, even the Governments in some countries have allowed the ISPs to store the user data and later use it for other purposes. Well, you can’t let that happen to you right? Your data is your business and no one should be able to misuse it.

That’s what Tor Browser Private Web + VPN ensures. No matter you use the Tor browser in the app, connect to the VPN or use the combination of them through the app, your IP address will always be masked and your data will be encrypted. This will not only be anonymous to the ISP’s eyes but will also be safer because no hacker would be able to decode your data. That is why it is altogether more important to know everything about cybersecurity what is it tips.

2-      You’ll not be paying for a free Wi-Fi (cybersecurity what is it explained)

This might come as a surprise to you.

Most of the places you visit during weekdays or weekends offer free Wi-Fi, right? Whether you’re waiting for the bus, dining at some restaurant or shopping in some mall, there is always free Wi-Fi available. But is it really free? Let’s discover it in today’s “cybersecurity what is it” article.

As per cyber-security researchers and investigators, many Hackers are on the look for such places. They target such highly visited places such as Malls, Café’s, and public transits. Once they target it, they set an internet hotspot and mask its name as Free Wi-Fi, or use the name of the place you’re visiting so you’d think that it’s the place that’s offering free internet. Once you connect to the free Wi-Fi, that’s when you start paying heavily.

You see after you connect to these “Honey Pots” (a term used for hotspots set by hackers) your data is exposed. The hackers are able to see whatever you are doing online while you’re connected to their internet. Now, this is most dangerous for those who buy stuff online when connected to public Wi-Fi, or use online banking while sipping a coffee at Star Bucks. The hackers are able to access all the data and copy whatever they want. It’s true horror, isn’t it? And the majority of people don’t care about the source of their free Wi-Fi. But then, how would you protect yourself? Let’s learn about the solution in today’s cybersecurity what is it article.

So, what’s the solution to secure your data when you’re connecting to a public Wi-Fi? Connecting to a VPN through Tor Browser Private Web + VPN app. What’s better, you can use Tor + VPN feature. This way, your data will be encrypted, your identity will be masked and no hacker would be able to steal from you.

3-      You can circumvent through blocked websites and express yourself freely

Well, it isn’t to say that not every website is available to you online. While you may never need many of such blocked websites, some of these may prove much useful to you and you’ll want to access them.

For example, in China or Russia, many of the Western websites are blocked. Users aren’t able to browse Google, YouTube or other popular web services including social media platforms. If you’re a foreigner living in such countries, you will need a VPN and Tor browser to be able to connect and access foreign websites.

Or maybe you’re a blogger or activist living in such a country with internet censorship. You may not be able to express your views freely because the agencies don’t like it. But when you use Tor Browser Private Web + VPN, you are able to access blocked websites and anonymously publish your blogs. Your identity will never be compromised. Amazing cybersecurity what is it tips right?

4-      You’ll be able to stream HD media

Well, as much as we love the Tor browser, one of the major complaints regarding Tor is that it’s slow. The reason why the Tor browser is slow is that it has to go through multi-encryptions and relayed at 3 different servers located worldwide. While all of this ensures optimum anonymity to you, it somewhat slows down the process. It is especially a spoil spot for those who are looking for downloading heaving files or streaming HD content through anonymity.

Well, Tor Browser Private Web + VPN offers a viable solution for it too. You can simply connect to a VPN or Tor + VON through the app, circumvent the blocked website and stream HD content without compromising on your speed or security. This way, you can also enjoy high-speed downloads. Not bad right? That’s why we always say, “Speed meets Anonymity” at Tor Browser Private Web + VPN.


Well, now you have not one, not two, but 4 reasons to click here right now and start using Tor Browser Private Web + VPN right now. And one more thing, did we tell you that the app is also very affordable? It will not cost you hundreds of dollars and still offers so much value for your money. You should try the app right now as it is offering a free trial of 7 days. Once you go through the 7 days, you’ll realize that it should stay on your phone forever. We leave the rest to you.

Keep coming back for more cybersecurity what is it tips and articles.