Having a smartphone is just like having a whole plethora of personal information in your pocket. All the information about your health, finances, and personal life is recorded and stored in that little device known as a smartphone.

However, while our smartphones have become a vital part of our lives, it has also made us vulnerable to many different kinds of threats. But the real point of stress here is that the hackers have become so advanced and sophisticated in their hacking techniques that we often don’t notice even when our smartphone has been hacked. In this article, let’s discover some ways to identify if your phone is hacked or not.

What are the techniques used by hackers to hack your phone?

  • By allowing the apps to access irrelevant folders in your smartphone. Such as a calculator app asking permission to access your camera…
  • By using Phishing attacks. Hacker sends malicious links embedded in Facebook, Instagram or other popular apps’ messages.
  • By allowing spyware apps to be installed on your phone. Once these kinds of apps are installed on your phone, it isn’t difficult for hackers to get hold of your data.
  • By allowing your smartphone to connect to a public Wifi. Many hackers use honeypots (mobile hotspots masked as public Wifi) to lure you into their trap and steal your data.
  • By allowing your phone (android especially) to auto-download updates to the apps.

How can you identify if your phone is hacked?

  • Your phone will suddenly become slower. It may load apps up slowly, the apps will be hanged more often and you will have difficulty in its usability.
  • There will be unseen items appearing on your smartphone. There may appear messages, receipts, and calls which you have never placed and yet they will be in there.
  • Your data usage will be increased. Many phones that have been hacked show a ridiculous amount of data used in them.
  • Your smartphone’s screen will be bombarded with pop-ups. This is the most certain way of knowing that your phone has been hacked.

What should you do if your phone has been hacked?

  • You should change all the passwords immediately.
  • Those apps that you don’t use and certainly those that you don’t trust should be removed immediately.
  • Spread the word among your friends and family so in case they are affected, they know it’s not you.
  • Don’t use your personal hotspot in public as hackers with advanced knowledge are able to connect to it and thus hack your phone through it.
  • Install an authentic mobile security app to keep a check on your smartphone activities.
  • Use a VPN app to encrypt all the data. Such as this one: Tor browser private web + Vpn.
  • Don’t use Bluetooth often.
  • Set a lock screen password.