Can I have your wifi password, please?
How to kick people off your wifi network

What comes into your mind when you read the title? Probably, a bunch of people including your friends, family members and even your neighbors asking your wifi password right? While sometimes it’s okay to give your password to your close acquaintances, it is never justifiable to just share it with everyone. Why? Becuase you never know how much bandwidth others may be using at your sake. Often, we aren’t able to ask these people to not use our wifi. So, here we are, sharing some tips to get these people off your wifi network.

Why should you get these people off your wifi network?

While there can be many reasons for laying people off your wifi network, here’re some main ones:

  • You never know how much bandwidth a person might be using.
  • You never know when someone might be involved in downloading or streaming something illegal and get you in trouble as the network will show your identity.
  • You never know when these people might share your password with others and even with a hacker.

How to identify who is using your wifi?

You don’t have to worry if you don’t know yet how to identify the connections to your wifi. Simply type your wifi IP in your browser, log into your network settings, go to the DHCP settings, and you can see all the connected devices under your connection settings. Remember, not every connected device will have a name to it (so that you can recognize the ones you’d given a password to) Any connection that doesn’t seem legitimate; remove it immediately.

So, how can you smoothly get people off your wifi network?

Here’re some solid tips to lay people off your wifi network.

Change your wifi name & password

This is pretty much the simplest technique of getting people off your wifi network. Go to your wifi network settings, change the name and choose a new strong password. You can also enable WPA 2 for extra protection but this may not be as convenient as you’ll need to reenter your password every time you connect a device.

Change your router settings

Here’s how you can change your router settings by going into your browser. Once you’re in your router settings, identify the connected devices and removes the unidentifiable ones. Now change the password and you’re good to go.

MAC filters

Every device comes with a unique MAC address. You can change your router settings so that only the devices with MAC address approved by you can connect to your Wifi. Others will simply be declined.

Be careful who you share your password with

You never know who is a tell-tale. While you’re simply sharing your password with a close friend, you never know if that person will broadcast it everywhere, thus inviting unwanted people to use your wifi for free. 


While it isn’t always necessary to go this far into laying people off your network, it many times becomes a necessity. By following these tips, you can not only save yourself money, time and much speed, you’ll also be protecting your privacy and data. If you want extra protection, try using our products on your iPhone and IPad: Tor Browser + VPN and Safenet VPN.