Do you know what is common between Internet Service providers, Hackers, and Internet giants? 

“They use your IP address to track your virtual location and thus monitor, hack, and record your online activities.” Your IP address is vital to give your device a unique identity among billions of other devices connected to the internet. 

Unfortunately, internet entities, instead of using your IP address to improve your experience, misuse it to collect your data and either sell it to data vendors, marketing agencies, and research companies or use it themselves to manipulate you to buy their products.

However, not all is lost.

Fortunately, due to VPN services and their ease of access, we can protect our identities and data from the ISP, hackers, and other giants interested in our data.

How does a VPN work?

  • VPN service providers have servers across different countries worldwide. These servers are used to provide you with different IP addresses based on these locations.
  • A VPN doesn’t allow your data traffic to pass through a regular route to reach the website servers. This means your data can not be easily stolen by hackers. A VPN creates a separate tunnel to pass your data through the server you have selected.
  • Once it’s done, your location will now be masked with the location of your chosen server. They won’t be able to locate and steal your data.

Why should you use an IP Changer (VPN)?

  • If you are living in a country with high internet restrictions, you are missing on quite a lot of things. It is not just about entertainment or media, instead, if you are a researcher, journalist, or academic, you can make good use of lots of valuable information. By using a VPN, you can bypass these restrictions safely.
  • If you are in love with online shopping from foreign platforms, you can use a VPN to find cheap deals. Many websites offer different types of deals to consumers based on their geo-location.