What if you can actually stop the annoying advertisers from bombarding you with irrelevant ads? Yes, it’s actually achievable. You see, there is a specific id in your smart device. The advertisers, data vendors and, technology giants want to access this id and use it to monitor your daily activities so they’re able to show you relevant (but unwanted) ads. Let’s dive deep into it.

How do developers track your mobile activity?

Your device is assigned an advertising id by the OS providers. This id is used by developers to track your mobile activities and further use it to make & direct ads towards you. In Android, this id is provided by Google, whereas in the iPhone, this id is provided by iOS.

Why should you reset your advertising id?

You see, this id isn’t used to hack your data or for other malicious activities (unless you find scam or malicious ads) but to direct more customized and relevant ads towards you. However, tracking you through your id and then using the data to allow advertisers to direct ads towards you ruin your privacy. It knows where are you at any given moment due to your shopping behavior tracking. Also, these ads may contain some scamware or malware that can cause damage if you click on some link attached to that ad.

How do you reset your advertising id?
  1. Open “Settings” and tap on “Privacy”
  2. Search for “Advertising” and click on it.
  3. Click “Reset Advertising Data” to clear all the traffic, and then move the slider to the right to “limit ad tracking”

Simple, wasn’t it? Now, no developer or provider is able to track or monitor your activities. Oh and for the next time, do use Tor Browser Private Web + VPN. It will also restrict the advertisers spying on your data.