Data Ingress & Data Egress

As per recent studies, small scale to mid-scale companies that go through data breaches goes out of business in less than six months. The cyber-attacks on large corporations have been increased by 12% since 2014. In 2019, the situation has worsened. Let’s learn more about this in today’s “cybersecurity what is it” blog.

More companies are now taking cybersecurity as a serious measure to protect their data and save their future. In today’s “cybersecurity what is it” blog, we’ll be discussing what data egress & ingress is and how they are equally important for you to cope with.

So what is data ingress and egress? [cybersecurity explained]

Data egress is basically the data traffic that forms within your company network & is then transferred to the internet (outside) This data includes emails, memos or any other files being transferred or stored to an external cloud service. 

Data ingress, on the other hand, is the data entering your network from the outside. It can be any data from websites, messages or files being downloaded. 

So how do hackers misuse data egress to harm you?

They basically mask malicious scripts or data in the form of regular network traffic. Once this data mixes with your company data and enters the network, the harm starts from there. The hackers exfiltrate your data and store it in their cloud. As the traffic is mixed with your company’s data, it seems regular & before you realize the harm & foul is done to your company.

What’s next?

Now the hacker has your data. This data can now be exposed to the public, sold to your competitors or provided to other agencies that can cause you true harm. Once the news is out that your company has been cyber-attacked and the data is stolen, your customers will be in distress and your credibility will be seriously damaged. That is why it is altogether more important to learn all about cybersecurity.

How to prepare for it? [cybersecurity explained]

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind to protect yourself from becoming a data breach victim.

Always control the access

Don’t give access to multi people who you can’t fully trust. Many times, companies grant access to someone who isn’t much attentive and as a result, the company suffers a data breach.

Monitor your company network

Always keep monitoring what’s going in & out fo your company. Monitoring your network will help you detect any unusual activity.

Use cybersecurity tools

Use firewalls, VPNs and other cybersecurity tools to encrypt your data and protect your entry/exit ports.

Always track the data

Never stop tracking the data. Having an attentive look at the data can help you detect if there is something wrong with how it should be and how it is.

Keep coming back for more “cybersecurity what is it” articles, news and tips. If you need a 360 cybersecurity solution for your iPhone and/or IPad, download Tor Browser Private Web + VPN.