Logic bombs resemble ticking bombs in their characteristics

The logic bomb resembles ticking bombs in its characteristics. You have seen in movies how a ticking bomb works. You set a time & date and at that very moment, it explodes. A logic bomb is just like that, except it is a malicious piece of code that damages your devices. Once it (kind of) explodes in your device, the hacker controlling it steals or corrupt your data & causes large scale damage. Let’s discuss more about it and how using a VPN for iPhone can save your data.

How does it work?

A logic bomb isn’t like the other more regular & usual malicious scripts. It can be lying in your device for a long time & you may not even notice it. It is often set to a specific date & time (mostly on some occasion) & once that occasion comes, the logic bomb explodes. Another way how a logic bomb executes itself is when you run a certain program or open a specific folder. As soon as you open or run a folder or software where the logic bomb is lying, it explodes. Unless you have setup VPN, it can cause a large amount of damage.

How do hackers or criminals use them?

  • One of the most common ways of infecting your device with a logic bomb is by hiding it in some virus, malware or a trojan horse. When this virus reaches your device (and if it’s not protected with a setup VPN or VPN for iPhone,) it hides the logic bomb in some folder & waits for a certain period before it activates and wreaks havoc on your device.
  •  Another way is to wait for merry occasions. Christmas, Thanksgiving or another cultural occasion is the best time for the criminals to lure you into downloading such viruses and then use it to steal or corrupt your data if you’re not using a VPN for iPhone.
  • Or, a hacker may infect some website with decent traffic. This way, when you visit the website, your data is compromised.
  • Small & mid-scale companies often face a scenario where a tech-savvy employee hides a logic bomb in the company’s network. This happens mostly when some employee is fired or is bound to leave the company for some other reason. After that person is gone, the logic bomb explodes and corrupts the whole company’s data. This is possible even if you setup VPN but gives access to an irrelevant person.

So, how do you protect against logic bombs (are VPN setups enough)?

While logic bombs aren’t a piece of cake to detect and deal with, ways are using which you can deal with them.

  • Always use an authentic antivirus: Never trust a free antivirus unless you’re sure that it works well. Otherwise, simply pay a small amount for some reliable antivirus.
  • Never download illegal software or files: Often, we download pirated movies or software tools. These tools mostly carry trojans and viruses. Any virus can be holding a logic bomb.
  • Always be updated: Whether it’s your device or your stance on technology, be updated with the latest news. 
  • Don’t click: Don’t click on suspected or malicious links.
  • Train your staff: If you’re an owner of a company, you should train your employees to practice savvy internet behavior and not do something that might cause harm to the company’s data.
  • Always protect your data by using a setup VPN or a VPN for iPhone.