cybersecurity what is it and how tor browser private web + vpn can save you.
Your data is being used to rob you

Internet giants like Facebook, Google, and other famous platforms are generating billions out of their users. While they do earn much of the portion by running ads and collecting a margin from the products they allow to sell through them, there is also a reason how they are earning so much money. The reason? “Your data” Let’s learn more about it in today’s “cybersecurity what is it” article.

The real reason! (cyber safety explained)

Yes, what many of us don’t know is that our data has been given a new name in many markets, “The new oil” Most of these people believe that the latest and greatest commodity in today’s marketplace. Your financial, health and other data are not only breached, and recorded, but also sold and misused for many activities.

Here’s how they do it

For example, many websites record your data and then sell it to the advertisers who want to target a specific type of people for their products. Or even if they don’t sell it directly, they optimize their advertisement mechanisms based on your data. Have you ever came across a product which you were searching for two days ago and were surprised to find a whole different website offering that product all of a sudden? That’s the use of personal data.  Don’t worry, let’s learn more about it in today’s cybersecurity article.

My personal experience

I was dwindling on Quora a few days ago and someone there had answered a question about how much personal data is worth on the dark web. I can’t say how authentic that source was, but the insights were pretty disturbing.

According to that answer, your health data is worth a hundred to thousand dollars. Your financial details are worth hundreds of dollars and your phone numbers, address and other personal data are worth accordingly. 

So how do we fight?

So how do we cope with this situation? Shall we stop posting our pictures online, having meaningful conversations on Whatsapp, or doing transactions through mobile banking?

I don’t think any of us today can afford to leave the digital world behind and start doing everything manually. However, there are certain cybersecurity measures that we can adopt in our daily lives to claim our privacy and cybersecurity back.

Start using a VPN

Working in the cybersecurity industry has taught me that no one is coming to help us, or no one is going to stop the internet giants from misusing our data. But we sure can use some tools that can save us from these giants up to a major extent. When we talk about such tools, VPNs or Virtual Private Networks come forth.

It is a cybersecurity tool that encrypts your data so that it becomes unreadable by whosoever is irrelevantly concerned about it. It also creates a secret tunnel through which your data is sent. This way, even if the usual traffic route is breached, your data will be safe. These cybersecurity tools cost you just around $5 – 15 and work a great deal to secure your identity.

Using a TOR browser

If you want to ensure your privacy and don’t care about the speed of processing, you should opt for a TOR browser. A tor-browser is just like your regular browser except it’s safe and even provides anonymity up to a major extent.

Once you connect to the TOR network, your data is relayed through 3 different servers located worldwide and each server is used to decrypt each of the three encryption layers on your data. Some people even go far to combining Tor with a VPN and the combo provides somewhat increased security. 


We often compromise on things that we have no control over. Some of us have started to think that maybe privacy is also one of those things. However, that is not true. We should never compromise on something as sensitive and precious such as our private data.

To make it a reality, we’ll need to adopt cybersecurity measures and tools in our everyday lives. Only then can we be able to fight against the ones who are using our data to make millions for themselves.

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