Hackers: 6 ways to protect against them

Nowadays, everyone seems to be a victim of hackers or scammers. A large majority of people don’t even know when they are on the hackers’ list and might get attacked without even getting a hint of it. Once we connect our devices to the internet, they become vulnerable to hacking attempts. So, among so many cyber threats, how do we protect ourselves against hacker types? Let’s discover the ways in this article.

1- Avoid accessing your personal or financial data on a public Wifi

One of the top-most and the easiest way for hackers to monitor and hack your device is when you are connected to the same network as they are. But how is this possible? The very places you visit for shopping, traveling and dining offer free Wifi, right? You know who might be using the Wifi along with you. 

Once you connect to the same Wifi as they are, they are able to (sort of) screen share with you where they see almost everything you are doing over the internet. That is why it is necessary to avoid accessing your sensitive information when you’re connected to public wifi. Even if you have to do it, connect to a VPN before you access your account. 

2- Don’t leave the Bluetooth or location turned on

One of the easiest ways for hackers to hack your device is when you are careless with certain features on your devices such as Bluetooth, Hotspot and/or Location. There have been many instances in the past where hacker types have been successful in hacking a device through its various utility ports. That is why it is necessary for you to turn off these features when you’re not using them.

3- Avoid the apps that seem suspicious

Why do you think a calculator app need access to your camera? Or a note-taking app to your dialer? Lately, Google and Apple have been on a crackdown against the apps that were involved in gathering and misusing data from the users’ devices. 

However, there will still be lots of apps that’d be doing just that. So, you need to be really careful about what kind of apps you choose. What’d be wise is to search a little bit about the background of the app and either if it’s backed by a reliable company.

4- Avoid using the same passwords repeatedly

One of the main reasons why many small businesses and individuals succumbed to hacking last year was due to the use of the same passwords again and again. Yes, I agree, it is not easy to remember that many passwords or even to store it on some sheet, but believe me, the effort is absolutely worth it. By using different passwords (mixing characters with numbers) you can make sure that you’re up to a great extent safe from hacker types.

5- Don’t click on suspicious links

Hackers have become really smart in the sense that they are now making content that triggers us psychology and forces us to click on a certain link. We all have good hearts and they try to use our emotions against us by telling us stories of how a girl is alone in the world and we can help her cause by just clicking through a link. 

Or that some Nigerian prince with masses of wealth is left alone in the world and needs someone to take care of his wealth. However, no matter how much someone tries to get your attention, or play with your emotions, train yourself to not click on any suspicious links. This will safe you from hacker types.

6- Use VPN or Tor Browser to remove or reduce your fingerprints over the web

Have you ever thought about how our ISP, Google, and other internet giants are able to locate, track and monitor us? They do so by reading our fingerprints which is: the patterns we leave on the internet. For example, if you are searching for a tour to Disneyland on the internet, surprisingly you’ll start seeing ads related to Disneyland.

This is how they target us. The best way to secure your connection and reduce fingerprinting is by using a VPN or Tor browser. And if you are an iPhone or IPad user, you can simply download Tor browser Private Web + VPN from the App Store for free and secure your connection and your data. It will safe you from hackers as well.