Facebook Cloning: What is it & how to prevent it
Fake Facebook profiles can put you in danger

Facebook cloning is when someone (most probably, a cyber-criminal) use your publicly available information on Facebook to create your look-alike fake profile. What happens next is that they use your social media profile to infect the people in your group or others out of your immediate group. It becomes crucial when you are running a business, doing a job or simply have a large social circle because the hackers will then leverage the fake profile to destroy your reputation and rob your immediate and distant relations.

What can hackers do using Facebook cloning?

  • They can use your look-alike profile to send vulgar and/or offensive messages to your friends.
  • Try to persuade your friends or family members to loan some money by pretending to be you.
  • Can send malware to your social circle.
  • They can even report you to Facebook convincing it that you are the one with the fake profile.

Are you a victim of Facebook cloning?

So, now that you know how damaging Facebook cloning can be to you and your loved ones, it’s time to check if you have been targetted or not. The simple way is to type your name in the Facebook search bar and see the results that appear. If you see a profile that resembles yours, that’s your clue. Immediately got through it and report it to Facebook by providing your original identity. 

What to do if you have been a victim of Facebook cloning?

Now that you know that unfortunately, you have been a victim of Facebook cloning, here are the next steps you need to do:

  • Visit the fake profile.
  • Locate the “three-dots” at the top right and tap on it.
  • Choose “Report Profile”
  • In the reasons, select “Pretending to be someone else”

Along with reporting it to Facebook, inform all your friends and family about the cloned profile so they may be aware and prepared in advance if someone approaches them through that profile.