Whitelists can save you from a lot of mess by blocking IP addresses, ads and websites.

The whitelist can be a life-savior to people who are tired of being bombarded with unwanted websites, ads, and people. Websites, IP addresses and ads that you don’t want in your digital life can be barred by excluding them from your whitelist. Let’s discover more about whitelisting.

What is whitelisting?

In whitelisting, you create a list of the websites, accounts and email addresses that you want to visit. It’s like creating a list of your favorites. Anything that is not on your list will be blocked. This helps your devices to be protected from ransomware, scareware & malware. It’s becoming widely popular among businesses and individual users.

Confused between blacklist & whitelists?

Many of us often confuse between whitelist & blacklist. They have the same job: to protect you from malicious domains, IP addresses & email addresses. However, they have a different format.

When you something to a blacklist, it is blocked & you won’t be bothered by it. On the other hand, when you add something to the whitelist, you’ll not be bothered by anything that’s not on the whitelist.

One might think which is more secure? Well, there’s no definite answer to that as they both protect you well enough. While many antiviruses implement blacklists in their software, whitelists are equally capable of protecting you & sometimes even more so than blacklists.

What are the different areas where whitelists can be used efficiently?

While you can use whitelists in different areas, here are some of the common uses.

IP Address whitelisting:

Whether you’re an individual or a business, you’ll agree that allowing anyone to access your servers or cloud is not a good idea. With a whitelist, you can simply add the relevant IP addresses of people whom you want to allow to access that server. Any other IP will simply be restricted.

Email Addresses whitelists:

We all hate it when our inbox is full of spam, irrelevant & unknown emails right? Whitelisting the id’s that we know & are relevant to us is a great idea to save time. Any other email from alien id will simply be restricted.

Applications Whitelists:

When you’re whitelisting applications, you’re limiting your device to run only the relevant & safe applications & restrict the others. This way, your devices will be secure from malicious software tools that run in the background & damage your device.


Whitelisting can be a life-save for anyone. But it is highly recommended to start-ups & businesses that are worried about their cybersecurity. With whitelisting, you can protect your privacy, identity & data from irrelevant people. If you want to try it, download our extensive app here: TOR Browser Private Web + VPN