Tor Browser Private Web + VPN
Tor browser Private Web + VPN

The Easiest Way to Access Dark Web using Tor Browser on iPhone

Tor Browser. The Dark Web sounds like a place operated by cyber mafia. And the myths surrounding it are no different. People from all over the world think of the Dark Web as a place to buy drugs, weapons, and hire gunmen. About 44% of users log into the Dark Web using tor browser for iPhone in high hopes of seeing a fantasy world with no rules and regulations.

While the fact can’t be denied that the dark web is still somewhat mysterious and yes, there are some people out there misusing it for their illegal benefits. The Dark web has also proven to be an effective way to access the internet safely and privately. Especially for the journalists, activists, and other security sources whose lives often depend upon anonymity.

You can access the dark web Facebook using tor browser for iPhone:

Facebook, The New York Times, and many cryptocurrency websites are running their alternate “dark web” version by hosting “.onion” websites. These websites are being hosted to allow users–serious about their privacy–to access these popular sites without compromising their identity or privacy. These can easily be accessed by using the tor browser.

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has also said to be offering its own site on the dark web which can be accessed through Tor Browser on iPhone. These sites are being run to collect information that can be of significance to national security.

But what exactly is the dark web?

There are three versions of the web on the internet. 

  • Clear Net
  • Deep Web
  • Dark Web
Clear Net:

It is the “happy place” of the internet. Mainly, a clear net includes the searches we run on Google and Bing, and the results it returns us which have been indexed into its servers and databases.  This is the topmost layer of the internet, visible and accessible to anyone and only forms just 4% of the total internet… You can also access the clear net using tor browser on iPhone and it’ll ensure your safety and privacy.

Deep Web:

This is the real deal of the internet. A web forming about 90% of the total internet. 

Deep web consists of documents such as medical reports, court records, army files, websites that are outdated for the clear net, and many other types of websites. It isn’t possible to access the deep web through the regular search engines or browsers as the websites are not indexed by the mainstream search engines.

But yes, you can access these websites using specific browsers and search engines.

Dark Web:

This is the most mysterious, hidden, and difficult to access (but easy if you use the tor browser) part of the web. It has become quickly popular in recent years due to the level of anonymity and privacy it offers to the users. The dark web has forever been juggling between the good guys and the bad guys. 

On one hand, it is used by journalists, social rights activists, and whistleblowers to communicate with others safely using tor browser for iPhone. Some security agencies also use it to check if there is anything fishy going on. 

On the other hand, there are drug dealers, hackers, and brokers selling stolen goods and even weapons to anyone in exchange for cryptocurrency or escrow. It is managed by running a swarm of servers around the world which makes your connection almost invisible to the snoopers. However, these nodes can only be accessed by the Tor browser on iPhone.

It is really hard to determine if the dark web is more useful or damaging to society on an individual level. But yes, if you are someone who is concerned about their privacy, you sure can find the dark web a good alternative to some of the “clear net”. Reaching it is as simple as using a tor browser for iPhone. Let’s discuss more.

Why use the dark web?

As discussed previously, the dark web is basically just a network of onion sites being hosted and only accessible through the Tor network. Basically, Tor cares about your privacy and anonymity. Especially, when you want to communicate or share highly confidential information with others without meeting them physically, the Tor browser can prove helpful as it masks your identity, encrypts your data, and then literally bounces it over 3 servers so no one understands where your data actually is. 

Dark web comes with many uses. One such use is to access the blocked sites if you’re living in a country with suppressed internet. Nowadays, there are few countries offering complete internet freedom to their citizens. The everyday country has put some restrictions and limitations on the internet in one way or another. Also, the usage of tor browser on iPhone is quite significant in these countries (in some, even the tor browser is banned.)

Some of these countries with most-censored internet services include:

  1. Eritrea
  2. North Korea
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. Ethiopia
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Vietnam
  7. Iran
  8. China
  9. Myanmar
  10. Cuba

(Source: CPJ)

Citizens in these and many other countries are unable to access the internet as they should be or how the internet is meant to be. The government controls the amount of data that comes in and out of their country through the internet. Such as in China, a special team of experts keeps a tight check on the content being published on personal blogging websites. In case they find a blogger trying to publish something against the Government or some political party, they immediately remove the article. Some people, however, say no to this suppression and raise their voice using the tor browser for iPhone.

Many tourists traveling to these countries do not believe the internet that’s allowed in these countries. They are unable to check emails on Google services (Google is banned in these countries,) call their loved ones on Skype, or post their recent activities on Facebook. All these internet giants and beloved services are nowhere to be found in these internet-suppressed countries. These tourists often end up using a VPN or Tor browser on iPhone. (It should be worth noting that many countries allow tourists to use VPN or Tor browser services but with exceptions)

That is why it is almost imminent for the suppressed nations to use the Tor browser on iPhone as an escape from the harsh and limited reality they experience every day. For them, the dark web is not a place of horror, but a way to meet with people outside their world. They access the dark web so they can communicate with their loved ones living outside their country. They also use the dark web to explore blocked sites and learn what they otherwise can never. 

What is the Tor browser on the iPhone?

Tor stands for “The Onion Router” 

Tor is basically a complex network of nodes and servers around the world that encrypts your data into multiple layers and then bounces (relays) it across three random servers to put anyone after you off-trail. 

For now, using the Tor browser on the iPhone is the easiest way to access the dark web. It is already optimized for iOS and comes with a really simplified yet seamless interface design so the users don’t have to worry about going into specifications and setting the network up all by themselves. It’s simply a plug-n-play. 

All this encryption and relaying is managed through the use of a Tor browser. This network makes it extremely difficult for hackers to track you or locate your data. That is why the Tor browser has quickly become popular among internet lovers concerned about their privacy.

A short history of Tor browser:

The Tor browser was first released on September 20, 2002. 

However, the concept started in the mid-’90s when the Naval Research wanted the software to protect its employees’ privacy. Three employees, “Mike Reed,” “David Goldschlag,” and “Paul Syverson” worked on the project and mainly on the onion routing which is the reason we have Tor Project today. (source: Wikipedia)

Why is the Tor browser safe?

As discussed previously, when you use Tor browser, your data is encrypted multiple times and relayed over three randomly chosen servers (nodes) worldwide before it reaches its destination (the website)

When the data leaves your device, the Tor browser on iPhone encrypts it into three layers of encryption. Your IP address is hidden under these layers. Then, the network selects a server–let’s say in Russia–and bounces your data to it. This server in Russia peels off the first layer and only then is the location to the next server revealed. 

This encrypted data then reaches the next server–let’s say in USA–and this server peels off another layer of the encryption to get the location to the third and final node (server) You should know that as soon as your data reaches the second server, it (server) is unable to match, identify or track the data back to you. 

All it gets is the address of the first server and your data in encrypted form. For all that matters, your data is now believed to be coming from the first server and not your device. This is exactly how good a tor browser on the iPhone is. 

After the second server, your data reaches the third and final server in this circuit. This server is also chosen randomly and its location is revealed at the 2nd server. This server peels off the last layer of encryption and transfers it to the website. But at this point, there is an issue…

As the last node in the circuit peels off the last layer of encryption, your data is again bare and recorded by the website. Even the person operating the final node is able to see the data. But don’t worry, neither the website nor the last server is able to track the data back to you as the location they have belongs to the second server. Tor browser’s strategy ensures that.

Even if they somehow track the second server, they’ll still need to track the first server and it is quite impossible to track every server in a circuit to get back to you.

Still, I would recommend that if you want to ensure optimum privacy and safety, you should combine the tor browser for iPhone with a VPN. The VPN will encrypt the data leaving the last node thus eliminating even the tiniest chances of someone snooping in on the data.

Other than these, the Tor browser can also use quite smart techniques to save you from tracking and data hacking. For example, if you visit two different websites that have the same tracking system, you’ll be followed by both. But if you’re using the Tor Browser, it’ll identify the potential surveillance and form two different circuits for each website to think that two different servers are logging into their websites. (source: Wired)

No -Hassle Tor Browser on iPhone:

Surprisingly, over 43-47% of internet users think of Tor browsers as too complex a browser to configure and use. Combined with the myths and legend of the mysterious dark web, people really don’t want to utilize something that can protect them against the hackers, criminals and snooping agents such as your own ISP (Internet Service Provider)

For those who have no idea about the ISP problem, we are assigned a unique IP address for our device by our Internet Service provider. This unique IP address is how our ISP is able to identify us. Once we are online, no matter which websites we are visiting, how much time we are spending online, and our browsing patterns are all recorded and monitored by the ISP. 

The Tor browser for iPhone brings an ultimate solution in the form of an already configured, tap-and-go browser to you. Some even allow you to use custom bridges. If you can’t remember exactly about the bridges right now, these are IP addresses not publicly available in the Tor directory. You need to contact the Tor support through email and request them to provide you with a bridge. After a while, they will send you the demanded bridge. It will not be known by anyone.

Interestingly, the Tor browser on iPhone also offers an exclusive Tor circuit. This circuit shows you the location (country) of all 3 servers and basically the path formed between your device and the website you’re sending your data to. Please note that the second, third, and website’s server will never know that the data is coming from you.

Other than these, the Tor browser for iPhone offers you almost the same services as the Tor browser on the web does. Except… It is much easier to use it on your iPhone. It’s really just a tap-and-play thing on your iPhone and IPad. 


Yes, it is safe to access your crypto wallets using the Tor browser on iPhone. I would say, currently, there are few apps offering the level of security you need to have when accessing your crypto wallet, online banking, and making transactions through any payment gateway. The Tor browser is one of them.

But please, we encourage you to not ensure practicing simple cyber-security measures as well. Some people give themselves away by using and posting their real names, email addresses, phone numbers, and even physical addresses online. This increases your vulnerability manifolds and can also land you in big trouble.

Here are some of the top-notch yet easy cybersecurity practices to adopt:
  • Think twice before what you are clicking. The plausible looking link can land you on a hacker operated website.
  • Never access your sensitive information such as a bank account, crypto wallet, or such on a public Wifi. If you must, do use a VPN or better yet, a Tor browser.
  • If someone tells you online they are selling a USB full of mystery stuff, don’t buy it.
  • Never ever access your sensitive information on someone else’s device.
  • Keep your apps updated. Such as if you are using Tor + VPN app on your iPhone, you’ll keep getting consistent updates.
  • Register yourself on encrypted email service.
  • Maintain immediate distance online if someone is trying to manipulate you.
  • Don’t visit websites without SSL security. Only visit the websites with “https”
  • Never overshare.
  • Read the email twice before clicking on the link attached. Confirm the credentials.
  • Remove apps that you are not using anymore.
  • Keep checking the permissions granted to the apps on your phone.
  • If someone tells you to trust them online… think again
  • Don’t share your location in your posts.
  • Always check the authenticity of the service and service provider. (Source: Heimdal Security)

Should you use a VPN over Tor?

Many users are rather confused when it comes to combining the Tor browser with a VPN. The first question they ask is, “Why should I combine a VPN with the Tor browser?” Let us bring clarity to you.

As discussed above, we now understand how the Tor network works. We know the Tor browser encrypts your data into multiple layers and then relays it across three randomly chosen servers worldwide to throw the hackers or trackers off-trail and securely deliver your data to the website. 

This way, none of the servers (except for the first) knows that the data is coming from your device. Don’t worry about the first server knowing. 

They still won’t be able to make anything as they will be unsure if you are a Tor user or just a node passing on the data to them. You are quite safe when using the tor browser on iPhone.

Now, coming back to what’s the use of a VPN with the Tor browser on iPhone. Normally, the third node or server in the browser can see the data leaving its server to reach the website. While it isn’t as dangerous, if you are not careful enough, then after a while, you will start forming patterns that can be matched to your previous activities. While it is a lot easier said than done, there are still some chances of it happening.

That is where a VPN comes into play. You can use a VPN to secure your data at every end-point in the Tor browser. The VPN will encrypt the data leaving the third node and reaching the website’s server. This way, your data remains hidden all the way up to the website you are visiting. However, you should never trust a VPN just like that. You need to ensure if a VPN is provided by an authentic source. If it has a reputation in the market. And if it has a no-log policy.

Only then should you entrust a VPN to encrypt your data.

Is Onion browser & Tor browser on iPhone the same?

Yes. They are absolutely the same except for design and few features. Tor stands for “The Onion Routing” and the term “Onion” has been extracted from the TOR’s acronym. Even the difference is mistakenly significant to many people in different countries. Such as in Russia, they are of the mind that onion and Tor browser are wholly different to each other. But the Onion Browser also uses the same TOR network to protect your privacy. However, it is owned differently.

Which search engine shall I use when on Tor browser?

“Duckduck Go” is known to be the Google of the dark web. It has quickly gained momentum still it was first released. The reason? It never records your information and removes your private searches. While other search engines can also be combined with Tor network to browse your favorite websites, we still recommend using Duckduck go as it’ll complete the almost perfect privacy and anonymity package. So, we have come to the decision that:


VPN –> TOR –> Duckduck go


Is it 100% safe to browse the Dark Web?

No. We will not hide the fact that despite thousands of bogus rumors and myths surrounding the Dark web, it is still not the friendliest place on earth to be. 

The bad guys lurking around corners on the dark web are real for sure. As no one is able to identify each other on the dark web, there are chances you might bump into someone or something that can make you upset or disgusted for days. 

Yes, it is very real that drugs, guns,, and other illegal items are being sold on the dark web. Also, the fact can’t be denied that often the data stolen from data breaches is available on the dark web for sale. There are markets selling gold, counterfeit cash, stolen credit cards, and other illegal items.

But not all is bad there. If you want to visit the dark web out of curiosity, or you want to have private conversations with your friends, or you want to visit some academic “.onion” version of some blocked website, you can do so simply by using Tor browser Private Web + VPN on your iPhone. But please do think twice before acting when you are on the dark web.

Some quick tips to ensure a safe visit to Dark web:

  • Always make sure that the Tor browser for iPhone is updated to the latest version. Many times, security patches are released but the users don’t update their apps to it. As a result, the chances of them being tracked or hacked are increased. 
  • If possible, you can combine a VPN with the Tor browser. We have already discussed the reason in detail but mainly combining a VPN with Tor browser protects your data when it leaves the final server.
  • Turn off javascript when you’re on the dark web or it might make you vulnerable to attacks.
  • Never download anything mysterious just because… “It looks mysterious” Always watch what you feed to your storage.
  • Don’t talk to strangers.

Let’s wrap up:

Don’t worry, now you know what dark web is and how you can access it anytime, anywhere without having to set up the Tor Browser on your computer. You can simply download the Tor browser on iPhone and surf the dark web at one-tap. In case you have any concerns, you can simply reach us at [email protected]

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Why Tor Browser Private Web + VPN?

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