Safari may be good but surely not the best browser out there

It is 2020, the app and web markets are cluttered with millions of apps. If you search for a browser, you’ll find many available. Some are good, some are not, and some are simply great. While Safari may not be the worst browser among them, it still lacks much of the user functionality and features which other browsers are offering. That is why many users want to delete this browser on their devices and install another one. This guide will tell you how you can delete the Safari browser on native Apple devices.

There’s a catch!

You may be wondering, “how is it possible to delete safari?” Yes, it may not be possible to completely delete it as it is deeply rooted in the iOS. However, what you can surely do is to delete all your browsing history, other data and then remove the app icon. This will almost be equivalent to deleting the app from your phone. Here is how:

Deleting browsing history in Safari:

  • Open “settings” in your device.
  • Either scroll down to find “Safari” or simply type it in the search bar.
  • In Safari, tap “clear history and website data”
  • Confirm by tapping “clear history and data”
Disabling Safari:
  • Open “settings”
  • Find or search for “Screen Time”
  • Press “Content and Privacy Restrictions”
  • Enable “Content & Privacy Restrictions”
  • Now go to “Allowed Apps”
  • Disable “Safari”