Brute Force Attack: What is it?

You may have heard the term “Brute Force Attack” before. Maybe in some news about a company’s data breach? Or from some tech geek. Brute force is a cyber hack technique that cyber criminals still use (successfully) to this day. While a brute force attack is one of the most

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Can I have your wifi password, please?

What comes into your mind when you read the title? Probably, a bunch of people including your friends, family members and even your neighbors asking your wifi password right? While sometimes it’s okay to give your password to your close acquaintances, it is never justifiable to just share it with

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Hacker: Who is it & the types

We all have heard about them. Some of us even love the idea of being a hacker (ethical) When we hear the term “hacker” An image pops up in our head where a person is operating 10 computers at the same time to hack into some intelligence agency. While hackers

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What is CVE [Why do you need to know about it]

CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) is a glossary database of technical terminology for cybersecurity defense specialists. But if you take your privacy seriously, you can do well by learning about these terms as well. What is CVE? CVE is publicly available and it holds all the common vulnerabilities and exposures

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