Ultimate Privacy for everyday iPhone & IPad users

Speed meets Anonymity

TOR Browser Private Web + VPN for iPhone & IPad app is designed to provide internet anonymity, privacy, and safety to everyday iPhone users. Tap once, relax & let us handle the privacy invaders.
A feature rich security app

500,000 users love our tor browser & vpn for iPhone & IPad app for these amazing features


Stay Anonymous

Stay protected while browsing anonymously online

Military-grade encryption

Data protected by the latest AES-256 bit encryption.

Change your IP Address

Browse anything with new IP address & never be tracked.

Strict No-log Policy

Your data is strictly never stored or recorded by us.


Fast Servers Worldwide

Fast servers to bring you hi-speed streaming.

Unlimited media streaming

Browse unlimited content with our unlimited bandwidth

Affordable price

Pay a small price and get amazing benefits.


Unblock thousand of websites

Tap to unblock thousands of banned websites

Tor Browser Private Web + VPN for iPhone & IPad app has a charmingly simple interface.

Here's how Tor Browser Private Web + VPN on iPhone looks on the inside.

Your privacy is just 3 taps away...

The 1st tap installs Tor Browser Private Web + VPN for iPhone from the App Store. The 2nd tap connects you to Tor Browser so you can browse everything anonymously. The 3rd tap connects to the VPN on iPhone through any server worldwide.
Could privacy be any simpler than this?







We offer 2 affordable plans for you

Choose from our affordable monthly or yearly subscription plan.

Find a plan that’s right for you

No signup fees. No credit card required. No long-term commitments.

Cancel Subscription at any time during the free trial.
No advertisements in the premium version.
VPN on iPhone & IPad works alike.
No strings attached
Extended License
Unlimited bandwidth. Mobile-Data optimised. Encryption based security included. Cancel Anytime.
Unlimited bandwidth. Mobile-Data optimised. SSL security included.
Change the way you use the internet every day

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Tor Browser + VPN user
It does what it says. It does without any problems a wonderful service for all my investments and banking work
Mr wize
Tor Browser + VPN User
Easy to use and quick to setup. No speed reduction or performance hits.
Tor Browser + VPN user
VPN and tor in one package! winner winner chicken dinner!
Bruce Smith,
Tor VPN for iPhone user

Frequently asked questions

01 Will I pay for TOR & VPN separately?

No. You just pay once for the subcription (monthly or yearly) After that, you are fully free to use unlimited Tor browser and VPN.

02 Do I need to pay for the same app on two different devices separately?

Not with us. You can pay once from your iTunes account and use that account in iPhone as well as IPad to restore purchase. This way you pay for it once but use it on two or three devices.

03 Will I be anonymous?

Yes. When you are connected to TOR or VPN, your identity is masked and your data is relayed around 3 different server. This way, your data or identity can’t be traced and therefore, you’re anonymous.

04 Do I need to worry about data-logs?

No. We firmly believe in strict NO-LOGS policy. We have promised to ensure your privacy and safety. We’ll never compromise it for anyone’s sake.